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Solar Monitor MY is solar photovoltaics management system for industry-scale operators in Malaysia.
It provides a complete package allows Solar PV operators to monitor whether their Solar PV sites are
running at optimized performance in real-time via the Internet.

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Mechanism of "Solar Monitor"

1. Planning installation

Solar Monitor can be installed on both of existing solar PV plants and new projects. Solar Monitor can also centralized data into simple signage screen from inverters at multi locations

2. Make communication with Solar Monitor

Solar Monitor software running on cloud obtains real-time data from each inverters through 3G communication module.

3. Start monitoring for solar PV sites

With your Solar Monitor connected you can access to the user-friendly signage screen, management site, and useful reports.

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Facts about Solar Monitor
Over 3000
Solar Monitor is a leading product in solar PV monitering market in Japan. It has install at over 2500 power plants.
Over 10
Solar Monitor supports most major brands of inverters in the market. ABB, SMA, DELTA, Hyundai, KACO, NEP, ZTE, Schneider Electric, AEG, HUAWEI, more